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Limited Time Only: Join today and choose a bonus bottle in your first shipment!

Explore a diverse collection of wines every season, selected to showcase Viansa’s many styles and unique varietals.

Six different wines are shipped in February, April, September, and November. The package price will vary depending on the wines chosen, all reds ($150-200*), or a mixed selection ($130-$170*).

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What's Included
What's Included

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*Shipment cost varies depending on wine selection and does not include shipping or applicable taxes. By signing up for this introductory offer you are joining the Viansa wine club with the understanding that you will continue to receive wine shipments on an ongoing basis, dependant on your selected wine club level. The Viansa Wine Club is a commitment of two shipments and continues thereafter, unless a written or verbal cancel request is submitted. Early cancellation will result in the reversal of any special pricing given. Credit cards will be charged by Vintage Wine Estates, and local tax and shipping charges will be applied by region.