Sonoma raised.

When Viansa was founded in 1990, our parents set out to make great wine. But what truly set Viansa apart was Sam & Vicki’s unique vision: to create an immersive experience of both the rich culture of Italy and the bounty of Sonoma to share with the world.

Their innovation of the winery tasting room as a place to host, entertain, and feed guests helped usher in a new era for California wine country, one that welcomed guests and wine club members alike as amici di famiglia, or “friends of the family.”

It is this warm, engaging, and celebratory experience that continues to drive guests and members to Viansa’s hilltop villa, commonly referred to as the “Summit of Sonoma” for its unmatched panoramic view of the entire Sonoma valley, olive tree-lined vineyards, and a 97-acre wetland preserve.

Viansa Winery has now been a standout wine country destination for over 30 years. As the fourth generation of the Sebastiani family in Sonoma, we were thrilled to take Viansa into our own hands in 2018. We continue to make great Italian and traditional Sonoma varietal wines, host authentic, intimate experiences for our guests and members, and curate a seasonal wine club  with our own updated spin.

As we continue to celebrate our history, we are always looking to the future. We continue to introduce new experiences, events, and products that invite you to enjoy all the best that Italy and Sonoma have to offer: superb food & wine craftsmanship, stunning natural beauty, and unforgettable gatherings of friends and family.

We hope to host you at the summit soon as amici di famiglia,

Chris & Jon

Family History

Viansa was born from a family legacy instrumental in establishing California as a world-renowned wine region. We combine Northern Italian winemaking tradition from our family’s roots in Lucca with the rich natural environment of the Sonoma Valley.

Samuele Sebastiani is born in Farneta, Italy. The local church holds records of the Sebastiani family stretching back to the 1300s.
Samuele arrives in New York City from Tuscany, and gets his first job in the U.S. working in a soup kitchen. He moves to South San Francisco soon after, and 6 years later, produces his first wine.
Samuele manages vineyards and employees in Sonoma and surrounding areas. To avoid laying off workers during Prohibition and the Depression, he starts a cannery and begins building houses, paving streets, and installing street lights in Sonoma.
After returning to the wine industry with much success, Samuele passes away in Sonoma and is succeeded by his son, August, who develops Sebastiani Vineyards & Winery into a nationally recognized brand.
Sam, son of August, and his wife, Vicki, break away from Sebastiani Vineyards & Winery and establish their own winery, Viansa — the name a portmanteau of "Vicki and Sam."
After a period of outside ownership following the sale of Viansa in 2005, sons Jon and Chris Sebastiani, the fourth generation of the Sebastiani family in Sonoma, reclaim operation of the winery.
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Surrounding the villa, our property cascades into estate vineyards and an adjacent wetland preserve, which provides 97 acres of beautiful natural habitat for migratory birds, waterfowl, and native plants. The stewardship of this land has been a pillar of the Viansa mission throughout its 30-year history, and offers beautiful birdsong and seasonal displays of waterfowl migration to our guests.

Our vineyards offer a multitude of soil types, elevations, and exposures, allowing us to grow each of our Estate varietals in specially selected blocks. Our flagship wine, Ossidiana, is named for the obsidian that is found in our soils, and pays homage to the obsidian arrowheads left behind by the Miwok tribe that originally inhabited the area.